Odor Removal

The Best In Odor Elimination

You don’t need to suffer with dreadful odors in your home or business. KICK Restoration has a team of specialists and advanced equipment that eliminate odors at the source.

First impressions are a big deal when people visit your home or office, and odors can send the wrong message.These smells can permeate into many materials, especially soft ones like carpet, making odor removal from carpet necessary to restore freshness indoors. At KICK Restoration, we can effectively treat and remove most odors including:

  • Fire odors
  • Cigarette/Marijuana odors
  • Cooking odors
  • Pet odors
  • Musty odors
  • And more!

Don’t Worry – We Can Help!

KICK Restoration has a solution for everything. Our odor removal services are a one of a kind process involving special treatments to help you get rid of odors in your home or business including pet odor removal, smoke smell removal from house and odor removal carpet. We have experience and expertise in handling stubborn odors that are hard to get rid of. Don’t rely on odor removal products that only mask unwanted smells for a short period of time. This temporary cover up wears off fast and when it does, the bad odors are back. Our goal is to make sure your house and/or office is a safe, healthy place for family, friends and clients.

We are a genuine and reliable brand providing odor removal in the Marietta, GA area. We strive to give you the best of excellent service. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Additional charges may apply if extensive measures such as pad replacement, subfloor sealing, or any other subsurface treatments are necessary to remove pet odor.

For The Best In Odor Removal – Contact The Specialists At KICK Restoration!