Crawlspace Encapsulation

Damp Crawlspace? We Can Help

Water can enter the crawlspace of your home from a number of different entry points and can lead to a host of problems including structural damage, mold growth, and insects or pests. When water is found below a property, it can seem like a nightmare! KICK Restoration is experienced and educated in the proper processes to successfully fix these problems. Our crawlspace encapsulation professionals offer easy and affordable solutions, including crawl space repair and crawl space sealing, to a seemingly costly and scary problem.

With proper crawlspace encapsulation, you can rest easy knowing that your crawlspace and crawl space insulation are properly ventilated and insulated to ensure moisture levels are controlled to prevent mold growth. Crawlspace encapsulation is a great way to protect your property and ensure it’s healthy.

Crawl space vapor barriers are the alternative to encapsulation. These are also a great choice to use as a crawl space moisture barrier. Crawlspace vapor barrier installation is slightly less involved but offers many of the same benefits as encapsulation. The choice is purely personal and depends on the needs of the house and the homeowner.

We offer the following services for your crawlspace:

  • Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Dehumidifier Installation
  • Mold Removal
  • Water Drainage Solutions
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Insulation

Financing is available for all crawlspace encapsulation services. Contact us for more information.

Expert Care for Your Property

KICK Restoration is proud to provide services in our community that help families and business owners keep their homes safe and protected for years to come. Our amazing team is highly trained, skilled, and certified to perform the proper repairs that may be needed to houses and businesses that suffer any type of water damage or mold. We use advanced equipment and products that will successfully and safely get your property back to normal so that you can go on living your life without having to worry about the condition of your home.

Contact our professional team today! We are happy to respond quickly and answer any questions you might have about successful crawlspace encapsulation services, water damage restoration, and mold remediation. KICK Restoration works around the clock, providing 24-hour help to those in need.

When you find yourself in need of immediate property restoration, call the experts at KICK Restoration!

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