Restoration and Disaster Cleanup Services in Sandy Springs Georgia

Restoration and Disaster Cleanup Services in Sandy Springs Georgia

Between water, mold, fire damage, smoke damage and other disasters, sudden ruinous occurrences can cause extreme damage to your home or business. These events can leave you reeling and stressed about managing the next steps in the damage restoration process. There are so many details and decisions to make during the damage restoration process which makes choosing a restoration services professional so important. The restoration experts at Kick Restoration are trained and experienced to handle any of your restoration needs in the Sandy Springs, Georgia area and are available 24 hours a day for 24 7 emergency service. Our restoration experts work with your insurance company and always make our customers the #1 priority in order to accommodate all of their restoration services requirements. Call us today!

Water Damage Restoration in Sandy Springs Georgia

One of the most common problems you may face as a Sandy Springs GA property owner is water damage repair. Water has the potential to destroy any surface or material within hours and should be addressed quickly with damage restoration services to mitigate as much loss as possible. A complete water damage restoration will likely include water extraction and water mitigation processes. Water extraction will remove any surplus of water and water mitigation will help to minimize further damage. Mold remediation may also be necessary for complete results. No matter the kind or severity of your water restoration, Kick Restoration’s restoration experts are usually able to respond within 30 minutes of a call to take action in Sandy Springs GA and the surrounding areas. We offer 24 hour emergency response for all restoration services.

Mold Removal in Sandy Springs Georgia

Any time mold is discovered indoors, it’s usually not a good indication. Once mold has been discovered in your Sandy Springs GA home or business, mold removal and mold remediation becomes an inherent necessity to ensure the safety of your family or employees. Mold can create new symptoms or worsen existing health conditions like asthma and even weaken or destroy a building’s structural elements. Kick Restoration’s mold remediation is a complete process that will include determining the water source of a mold growth, containment and proper disposal of all mold found, sanitization and remediation and air quality restoration and assurance. We are available 24 7 and work directly with your insurance company to make sure all mold remediation steps are properly documented in Sandy Springs GA. Our restoration specialists work quickly and efficiently to return you back to your property as soon as possible. 

Mold Testing in Sandy Springs Georgia

Mold is a natural fungus that can grow both indoors and out. It becomes potentially dangerous when it finds its way indoors into an area that is moist and humid, usually in places that are hidden behind walls or higher up, like roofs or ceilings. It can grow quietly without any signs while it begins to cause health problems or eat away at building materials. Finding the mold source is incredibly important to solving a mold problem and is usually found through a mold inspection and mold testing. If mold is suspected, Kick Restoration will use air and swab testing to determine the type of mold and its severity and if necessary, perform a complete mold remediation in Sandy Springs GA. Our restoration experts are available 24 hours a day for any of your mold needs.

Fire Damage Restoration in Sandy Springs Georgia

The unfortunate effects of fire damage and smoke damage can range just as wildly as the fire itself. When your property suffers from smoke or fire damage, you want the best fire damage restoration professionals on the scene fast to start your fire restoration. Fire restoration services can be complicated and involve many aspects, from soot and smoke damage to water and mold damage. It is incredibly important to begin fire damage restoration right away to minimize as much loss as possible. Kick Restoration knows that all fire damage restorations require a high level of fire restoration expertise, guidance and labor. Our trained fire damage professionals are available 24 hours a day and possess the fire restoration experience needed to perform a successful fire damage remediation, along with the latest technologies in fire damage restoration and cleanup in Sandy Springs GA.

Disinfection Services in Sandy Springs Georgia

Within a day, there are many places and opportunities to transmit and spread harmful germs and bacteria that can cause contagious illnesses and disease. While traditional cleaning methods may already be in place, disinfecting services are a worthwhile enhancement to ensure the safety of your loved ones and employees. Using disinfection services to maintain a clean and healthy environment can instill confidence in those that visit your home or business. Kick Restoration’s disinfection cleaning services eliminate pollutants and contaminants, providing a long-lasting protection against microbial growth. All industries can benefit from our sanitization services which use our antimicrobial disinfecting product, designed to clean and protect both indoor and outdoor environments. We are available for 24 hour service.

Odor Removal Services in Sandy Springs Georgia

With so much activity in your home or business, odors can begin to accumulate but may not be as noticeable to those who regularly inhabit the space. Fire, cigarettes, cooking and pets can all contribute to the distinct scent of a property. These smells can permeate into many materials, especially soft ones like carpet, requiring odor removal from carpet. Kick Restoration’s odor removal services are a one of a kind process involving special treatments addressing pet odor removal, smoke smell removal from house and odor removal carpet. We have experience and expertise in handling stubborn odors that are hard to get rid of.

Indoor Air Quality in Sandy Springs Georgia

Between your home and business, so much time is spent indoors, making indoor air quality essential to the health and wellness of those who spend time there. Poor air quality can cause dizziness, headaches, fatigue and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. Indoor air quality testing will determine any impurities in the air and help you understand the caliber of air you’re breathing. There may also be dangerous gases unknowingly being released like carbon monoxide, which can be fatal, making carbon monoxide testing essential to the integrity of an interior. Kick Restoration can reduce allergens by using a powerful process to deeply cleanse indoors and restore air quality.

Carpet Cleaning in Sandy Springs Georgia

Carpets serve such a useful and stylish function but over time, can become quite full of dirt, bacteria and dust, making carpet cleaning essential to the cleanliness of your property. Carpet cleaners can provide carpet cleaning commercial and home services to deep clean carpets, which will protect them from wearing too fast or becoming completely damaged by harsh dirt and stains. Most carpet cleaning companies and commercial carpet cleaners recommend professional routine carpet cleaning every 6 months to a year. Kick Restoration’s expert range of carpet services can cover all of your needs from carpet repairs to professional carpet cleaning.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Sandy Springs Georgia

When water enters a crawl space, it can lead to a host of problems including structural damage, mold growth and insects or pests. Proper crawl space insulation can help to minimize the possibility of these instances though. Depending on personal choice, either crawl space encapsulation or crawl space vapor barriers can be installed to reduce moisture levels. There are different benefits to both encapsulation and vapor barrier installation with many of the same benefits. Using a crawl space moisture barrier, you can rest easy knowing that your crawl space is properly ventilated and insulated to ensure moisture levels are controlled to prevent mold growth. Kick Restoration offers expert crawl space services including crawl space repair, crawl space sealing and crawlspace vapor barrier installation to help keep your home safe and protected for years. We offer 24 hour emergency response.


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