Fire Damage Restoration In Marietta Georgia

Fire Damage Restoration In Marietta Georgia

Smoke and fire damage restoration can be an overwhelming job. When you seek out the help of a qualified team of professionals, you want one that is dedicated to helping you get through your loss, repair the property with quality and integrity, and help ease your burdens. When you call KICK Restoration, that’s what you get! Our highly trained and experienced professionals understand what our customers are going through and know the importance of doing a job right the very first time. Our professional and experienced technicians work fast to produce a foolproof restoration plan that will restore your property and your salvageable items back to their original condition, and perhaps make it even better. KICK Restoration will work to the best of our ability to help you recover from what you might think is permanent damage.

Why Hire A Professional?

It takes a lot of work, advanced equipment, and knowledge to successfully repair a smoke or fire damaged property. When you hire professionals, you aren’t just hiring them for their work. You are hiring them for their expertise, their guidance, and their labor. Experienced technicians have seen a lot of different types of fires and fire damage and have the experience needed to know what to look for, what is repairable, and where damage often hides. Without this knowledge, successful remediation will not happen and the cost of repairs could be quite extensive. KICK Restoration has a team of individuals that are known for their hard work. We use the latest technologies in smoke and fire restoration to get things done. If you have a home, building, or commercial dwelling that was damaged by smoke and fire, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our outstanding customer service team will help you get things back to normal. That starts with a precise quote of damages, as well as a real restoration plan.

What Are The Most Common Types Of House Fires?

House fires present a growing threat to Americans, causing an estimated $6.9 billion in direct property damage. US fire departments respond to an average of 354,400 house fires each year, causing an average of 2,620 civilian deaths. Whereas only 27% of reported fires occur in homes, house fires cause a whopping 80% of all fire-related deaths in America. A house fire could flare up for a number of reasons. Approximately half of all house fires are caused by cooking, followed by heating, electrical circuits, and negligence. Fire prevention technology like smoke detectors and fire sprinklers could mitigate or even control fires, but following basic fire safety protocols is crucial for prevention.

Kitchen Fires

Preparation of food in the kitchen is the number one cause of house fires. Whenever frying, grilling, broiling, or boiling food, make sure to keep a close eye on hot equipment. If you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the burner or stove. Flammable materials should be kept far away from the stovetop and countertops kept clean of grease. Once finished, double check that everything is turned off and countertop appliances are unplugged.

Heating Fires

Equipment like fireplaces, space heaters, wood stoves, and radiators pose a heightened risk of fire. Such equipment should never be left on while nobody’s home or awake. Plug equipment directly into the outlet, avoiding extension cords or power strips. Furnaces, chimneys, and chimney connectors need professional inspection every winter. Finally, installing carbon monoxide (CO) alarms is crucial for home safety.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires account for an average of 24,000 incidents each year, with most cases reported in the winter month of January. With only 17% of electrical fires in residential dwellings stopping at the object where they began, electrical fires pose a heightened risk of fire and smoke damage. Electrical failure or malfunction, short-circuit arc, and defective insulation are primary causes of electrical fires. Replacing old or faulty appliances and positioning space heaters away from flammable materials like curtains, clothing, and furniture can prevent electrical fires.

Increased Risk for Seniors and Children

Failing to implement fire safety protocols increases the risk of fire. Risk of injury or even death increases with old age, so extra precautions are needed. Younger children or seniors may need assistance while dealing with high-risk equipment. Store objects like matches and lighters out of reach of children. People with difficulty hearing fire alarms and smoke detectors need alert devices. Knowing how to exit a building or room and removing clutter from passageways is vital. Keeping eyeglasses, hearing aids, phone, and possibly a wheelchair next to the bed could save lives in case of a fire emergency at night.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Once a fire has occurred in a residential home, prompt professional fire damage restoration and smoke damage control are necessary. Fire damage restoration may include procedures like confirming the property is stabilized, removing soot and debris, deodorizing the home, smoke damage restoration, and removing personal belongings too damaged by the fire. Either way, make sure fire and smoke damage restoration is conducted by an experienced professional.

KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup In Marietta Georgia

KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup is a locally owned and operated property restoration and carpet cleaning company. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, The Carpet and Rug Institute, and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. Our experienced team of technicians have received extensive training to ensure we deliver consistently high-quality results for our customers. We pride ourselves on our quality service and competitive pricing and are committed to providing our customers with only the best. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are ever not totally happy with the results, we’ll make it right. We also offer a 30-day service warranty on all completed jobs. Conveniently located in Marietta, GA, we service Cobb, Paulding, and Douglas Counties. For disaster cleanup and restoration services, our team is on call 24/7 and will respond day or night to begin cleaning up and mitigating the damages.

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