Cleaning Rugs vs Cleaning Carpets

Cleaning Rugs vs Cleaning Carpets

So much of life is lived on our flooring, whether it be carpets or rugs. We play with our children and pets, we fold laundry and play games with loved ones on our floors. It is also probably one of the first things your employees and customers see when they enter your business. When it comes to the cleaning of rugs and carpets, many people may think that the two are cleaned the same way, which is actually far from the truth. Even though both of them are used as decorative floor covering, rug cleaning procedures are very different from that of carpet. Carpet cleaning services are relatively common, but rugs cleaning services are not much because rugs require more attention and skill to ensure that their quality, shape, and vibrancy is maintained.

Dirt And Dry Soil
Most rugs have a dense pile construction and are thicker than carpets. So, while vacuum cleaning can easily remove dirt from your carpet, the same is not possible for rugs, as dirt gets trapped in the thin, deep fibers. This is the reason some people take their rugs outside and beat them to clean. But with technological advancements, professional rug cleaners have just the right equipment for this, that will deep clean the rug fibers. And while carpets will require just one machine to clean them up, rugs require the use of both machine and hand cleaning techniques to clean the fibers and help preserve the rug’s integrity.

While rugs were made to be picked up or moved as needed, carpets are constructed differently being a wall-to-wall floor covering. So, while you are able to take your rug to a cleaning facility, wall-to-wall carpet will require cleaning from right where they are lay. And since rugs come from different sources/countries of origin and with different styles, they also require some slightly different cleaning accommodations.

While most carpets are the same monochromatic color throughout, rugs have intricate patterns with different colors and color bleeding can destroy the way your rug looks. Rugs will, therefore, require the correct cleaning methods and solutions to prevent fading and bleeding.

Proper Cleaning Equipment And Training
While one can clean a carpet with little or no training, rug cleaning requires a special equipment and specialized care. Your chosen rug cleaners should also be well-trained and knowledgeable on how to properly clean different types of rugs, which they do from their rugs cleaning facility.

Carpets go from wall to wall, which makes it almost impossible to fringe. However, rugs can fringe easily, which can ruin their colors. They therefore require more care in cleaning them as they are delicate.

Antiquing/ Tea Wash
Antiquing is another that sets rugs apart from carpets. Manufacturers use the antiquing process, where they apply tea dying treatment or apply a layer of an aggressive acidic wash, as a way to make the rugs look older and more expensive. If this is the way the rug is processed, after cleaning, it would require that the professionals reapply this layer after they are done cleaning.

While you may be able to achieve results performing carpet and rug cleaning on your own, the benefits of using a professional can turn out to be a costly difference if anything gets damaged or ruined. There are certain provisions that must be considered when cleaning both carpets and rugs that are best left to experienced professionals. It can be hard to track the progression of accumulated dirt in your carpets and rugs but professional carpet and rug cleaning can help to restore the luster and freshness to your home or business.

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