Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Floor Care Services in Marietta, Ga

livingroom-hardwood_smHardwood floor sanitation can be daunting work, one that goes beyond the abilities of your broom or mop, which merely shuffles dirt around. Bypass getting things done the inefficient way. Rather, depend on KICK Restoration to remove the dirt from the crevices and cracks of your hardwood floor. Visualize the enhanced circulation and air quality in your habitat when all the dirt you can’t see is extracted from your hardwood floors.

Intensive Cleaning

Our cutting-edge cleaning technique employs a proprietary solution and high-performance rotary brush to get to contaminants and tough dirt. While our technicians sanitize the floor, squeegees contain the dirt before a strong vacuum and cleaning solution removes it.

When sanitizing hardwood floors, our technicians clean areas by hand that the equipment can’t get to. Afterward, we revitalize your wood’s pH balance with an industry-level cleaner, which efficiently traps any lingering residue and dirt. The whole procedure is dust-free, non-toxic, and leaves behind minimal scents.

Restoring Beauty

We at KICK Restoration of Marietta, Ga take cleaning hardwood to the next level with an application of our unique finish - a mix of the rigorous cleaning steps and a hardwood floor refinisher. This hybrid approach eliminates dirt from the floor and leaves behind a glorious shine. It’s an additional way we bring wonderful floor cleaning service to your front door. Protect

We take hardwood floor sanitation even further by giving you the choice to use our one-of-a-kind maintenance coat. Once your hardwood floors are cleaned, we add this quick-drying solution for a stellar sheen that prolongs the life of your hardwood floors.

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