Mold Remediation in Marietta, GA

mold corner1Although mold functions in the breaking down and recycling of basic nutrients back to the earth, it poses several threats to humans as well as any material it encounters. It usually grows in dark humid areas and can survive in any condition provided there is a scent of water. Mold is lightweight, has small pores and can at times be tricky to detect until it is too late. Its favorite food is wet paper, which is why newer homes with more insulation are more at risk to mold problems. Not only that, it does not take long for mold to blossom, and it may have spread by the time you would detect it. Mold can be toxic or allergenic even when it is dead. There have been records of allergies and illnesses in humans that are caused by molds in old buildings.


Once you identify mold or see its traces in your home, the next thing would be to carry out mold remediation. The first step in mold removal in Marietta is to find out the source to stop it from spreading or coming back. The next step would be to control the amount of moisture, which is important to prevent its threat to people and property. This can include removing standing water, fixing leaks, cracked masonry and separated roof shingles, installing a proper gutter system and repairing seals around windows and doors. If the mold invasion is minimal, you can most likely take care of it by yourself. But be sure to wear protective gear including a respirator and gloves, and also use the correct cleaning products. A regular cleaner can work effectively for most hard surfaces. Note: It is not advisable that you use bleach and also ensure that the affected surface is thoroughly dry after cleaning. Furthermore, make sure you properly get rid of any item that has been affected by mold. Large items that will not fit into plastic bags must be covered with polyethylene sheets, sealed with duct tape, and then thrown away with other construction wastes.

Insured and Bonded, Normi & IICRC Certified

For more extensive mold issues, consulting a NORMI Mold Inspector to deal with the situation is recommended. Here at KICK Restoration, our technicians are NORMI and IICRC certified and will check different mold-prone areas like under the sinks, attics, basements, ceilings, behind drywall and crawlspaces. They will expertly assess the damage that mold might have caused as well as those areas that might be vulnerable to further damage. Furthermore, they will offer you applicable advice on the best mold removal procedure. Mold remediation requires an arsenal of tools. We are well-equipped to evaluate the mold levels to see if it is safe for people to occupy the building. After the mold remediation has been completed and certified safe, a reliable mold removal expert will perform a follow-up check to ensure the mold is completely gone. Where possible, a dehumidifying system may need to be setup into the building to help put off the growth of mold in the future.


1. Our KICK Master Technicians will perform an intricate examination to determine the cause of your mold problem. This takes years of experience and specialized training. 2. Salvaging Contents and Demolition/Removal of Debris. Installing a containment barrier to prevent cross contamination. Removing ruined content and building materials. Some contents may be irreplaceable, but anything salvageable will be restored to full use whether in your residence or your business. 3. Once the root of the mold issue has been removed, we treat the area with KICK System products sanitizing and remediation. We carry a toolbox full of suitable tools to completely remove mold and mold staining. 4. Clearance air samples are taken and delivered to an independent laboratory for authentication. 5. Support your insurance claims follow-up. KICK Restoration will assist you in this process by working directly with your insurance company. The documentation and pictures showing the remediation procedure will be provided to the insurance company. We use a standard billing system called Xactimate that most restoration companies use to make sure all steps are properly documented. We are located in Marietta, GA and have been in business for over 10 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured to handle all types of mold including black toxic mold. As a customer, you will feel at ease when dealing with KICK Restoration from beginning to the end. Are you suspecting that your home is infected? Do not hesitate to contact us here at 678-653-5425.
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