Mold Remediation in Marietta, GA

mold corner1KICK System is a product that reduces the price of conventional mold remediation by 30% – 50%, while providing lasting and compelling results. For the most part, when using our KICK System, it is not necessary to have drywall removed from the infected area. Also, the contaminated area will be safe to live in on the same day work is performed.

Our restoration foremen are NORMI and IICRC Certified Master Technicians. You’ll find many homeowners, building managers, and insurance clients who praise our work.

There are not very many organizations in Georgia that are qualified to do what we do. By using the KICK System method, we have stockpiled one satisfied customer after another. The system truly works, and produces more results than anything of its kind.

It isn’t hard to fathom how much money can be saved when using the KICK System approach. It is usually not necessary to take down and replace the infected building materials. This is both time and cost-efficient.

Our insurance adjusters and commercial clients have been impressed specifically with our KICK powered strategy. We can get the job done on the same day we’re called in, and as such, our clients don’t have to spend money putting their tenants in hotels. This is a substantial aspect, and is representative of the next step in mold remediation and abatement.


1. Our KICK Master Technicians perform an intricate examination to determine the cause of your mold problem. This takes years of experience and specialized training.
2. We can collaborate with your carpenter to get the required repairs done, or you can supervise this step on your own and contact us when you’re ready for a mold abatement.
3. Once the root of the mold issue has been removed, we treat the area with KICK System products.
4. Everything in the household remains as is. The only thing that goes away during treatment are your pets and family.
5. Clearance air samples are taken and delivered to an independent laboratory for authentication.
6. Generally, you’re back in the household within hours after treatment has commenced!


Mold may come back if moisture producing the mold isn’t taken away. Locating and getting rid of the cause of your mold problem is mandatory for future prevention.

Mold is a natural production, and it is hard to fight nature. However, you can manipulate nature successfully, and that’s exactly what Certified KICK System Masters specialize in.


Check out the before/after photos on our website. In the “after” photo, the plywood looks brand new…but it isn’t! The wood has been treated with the KICK System, and that is the look produced from our treatment after mere minutes.

This has been verified by an independent laboratory test. Treatment air samples are gathered and taken to a lab for assessment. The laboratory report reveals precisely what is airborne -you’ll get a copy of your own upon commencements of the job.

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