Q: How long will my carpets take to dry? A: Your carpets will be dry in about 2-3 hours. However, we ask you not to remove any of the protective tabs we’ve placed under the legs of your furniture for 24 hours. You can walk on your freshly cleaned carpets immediately as long you’re wearing a clean pair of socks or house slippers. Please be careful when walking from your carpet onto tile or wood flooring. The addition of carpet protector will add an hour to your drying time. Q: What cleaning method does Keep Clean Karpets use? A: We use the hot water extraction method, also known as “steam cleaning”. Our truck mounted system heats the deionized water up to 250 degrees and then vacuums our cleaning agents and soils out of your carpet. Steam cleaning is the best cleaning method in the residential setting. We have optimized our system to match the dry times of so called “dry cleaners” while thoroughly flushing your carpets of it’s soils without using chemicals through our machine. Q: How often should my carpet be cleaned? A: The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpets cleaned at least every 12 months. This time frame may vary according to individual needs resulting from high traffic areas or the presence of children or pets, all of which circumstances usually require that your carpets be cleaned more frequently. Q: Will all of my spots and stains come out? A: Unfortunately if anyone tells you this, they are not telling you the truth. Some spots that can be problematic are: red spots or any brightly colored spots for that matter - these are typical of certain dyes, or certain substances such as mustard. Furniture spots can be a problem as well – these occur when unprofessional carpet cleaners fail to protect a newly-cleaned carpet when they move furniture back into place. Rest assured that Keep It Clean Karpets is very careful to use plastic blocks for this part of the cleaning process. And we also have the best spotting agents available and will try to remove each and every spot. Q: Why is it important to get my carpets cleaned professionally? A: Carpets and rugs accumulate dust particles that reach deep into the fibers over a period of time, which makes them dirty, unattractive and unhygenic. Maintaining carpets to a high standard of cleanliness on your own is a difficult task, especially around kids and pets. Therefore, professional deep cleaning every once in a while is recommended. Q: How long will it take for you to clean my carpets? A: Duration of carpet cleaning process varies greatly for everyone. It depends on the area to be covered, i.e., number and size of the carpets to be covered. Also, it depends on the degree of damage and severity of stains. Stubborn stains may require some extra scrubbing time. Q: What if a stain reappears? A: All carpet areas that are to be cleaned will be properly evaluated by our skilled cleaner. In case a stain reappears after our cleaning services, your carpet will be re-evaluated by our professionals, to determine if the stain is removable or permanent. Removable stains will be worked on accordingly, but in the event of permanent staining, damage cannot be undone. Q: Do I need to vacuum my carpet beforehand? A: Yes. It is advisable to vacuum your carpet before our technicians arrive. Vacuum cleaning is most effective in removing dry stains as it sucks dirt and dust out of the cosmetic layers of carpet, giving us a clear picture of the condition of the carpet, leaving hard to remove stubborn stains deep within the surface. Q: Can professional cleaning damage my carpets in any way? A: No. All our technicians are professionally trained with tested skills to clean your carpets. Also, we use only natural based organic cleaning solutions in our cleaning process, which are 100% safe. Our entire cleaning process is well researched, comprising tried and tested methods. Q: Why isn’t mopping enough for my floors? A: Just like vacuuming is not enough for cleaning carpets, mopping is not enough for cleaning floors. It only cleans the floors from the surface and not within. It is important to get rid of dirt, grease and many other things which can accumulate over a period of time, for hygiene purposes. Therefore, deep cleansing of floors is as important as carpets.
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