Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Marietta, Ga

commercial-carpet_smWhen someone enters your office, it is time to impress.  You cannot leave anything to chance.  What would a potential client think if the carpets were stained, dirty and emitted an unpleasant odor?  Why should anyone want to do business with someone who can’t even keep the company facilities clean?  Alternatively, what if you are trying to rent out residential rental property, but a newer property opens up next door.  How will you compete while staying on a low budget?  The best way to prep the rental property and/or your office space is through KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup of Marietta, Ga.  It is as important to indulge in commercial carpet cleaning as residential carpet cleaning, if not more, for you spend most of your waking hours at work. The ambiance is important for you for health reasons but it is even more important for the client for cosmetic reasons. Very often the world judges you by the appearance of your surroundings  – as they say the first impression is the last impression.

Why Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service?

It is tough enough to find time to run a business without having to worry about organizing cleaning tasks at the same time. This may be the last thing on your mind, as you need to use your time on executing new marketing plans, earning profits, generating sales, and managing employees.  Worrying about carpet cleaning cannot be placed on your list of things to do.  If you are a rental property manager, the same principle applies.  You need to attend to tenants, collect rent checks, and defuse issues as they arise.  Thus, you need to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to handle the responsibility for you..

Don’t you worry! We are here to make your life easier and better – hiring KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup commercial cleaning service is a means to taking another thing off your plate.  We have the team and equipment to execute carpet cleaning services without any hassles.  Our experts will come to you on-site and discuss bids right on the spot.  We will also explain the commercial cleaning process and how we offer the ‘hot water extraction’ method. KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup of Marietta, Ga commercial cleaning service will create the perfect cleaning  package for your particular needs according to your convenience. We have expertise and experience in handling mass cleaning jobs with minimum drying time.

Do not wait any longer to update the office or fix rental property.  You could be missing the next big deal due to the  neglected condition of your carpets.  We will help your business present a professional look  that will appeal to potential clients and residents.

We are a certified, insured and registered company. We work hard to maintain our reputation; therefore you can trust us with yours. We realize the importance of clean ambience in winning clients for your business and we do not take any chances. We assure satisfactory results and we have a cover of $2,000,000 in liability insurance.

Call us today at 678-653-5425 and you will be surprised at the miracles we can work. Give us a try and we won’t let you down.

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