Carpet Repair Services in Marietta, GA

carpet-repair-smCarpet repairs are not an easy task to manage unless you have a carpet cleaning professional to handle them for you. KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup is available to make your carpet look new again. Accidents happen in the home. The sports enthusiast in your house may have spilled Kool-Aid on your carpet, creating a stain that is difficult to remove. Do not fret. We will solve the issue for you. If a dinner guest has spilled your mother’s famous Italian tomato sauce and/or if someone else has spilled red wine on the beautiful white carpet, do not worry. We are experts in rescuing carpets.

Types of Carpet Repair

We offer small carpet repairs in re-seaming, small patchwork, threshold repair, stretching, and dye work. There is no task too small. However, you may be unfamiliar with some of these repairs. What is the process of carpet repairs and how does it work? Here is a brief explanation of a few carpet repairs we do and what they entail.

What is Re-Stretching?

One of the most common carpet repair scenarios we see is stretching. Stretching occurs when carpet becomes loose and wrinkles on the surface. KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup carpet marietta, ga repair experts will come in and fix the situation without having to take apart any seams. We just come in, move the furniture to one side of the room, fix the area, move the furniture back, and fix that area too. When we are finished, your carpet looks spanking new.

What is Patching?

If your carpet becomes stained by a pet, food or drink spill, then patching would be a great carpet repair solution for you. It looks like a simple fix, but it takes an expert to match up the damaged area to the rest of the carpet. Our carpet repair professionals examine the untainted carpet, find a matching piece, and replace the damaged section. When it is done, you will not be able to identify where the original damaged portion was located. Your carpet will look seamless and new. If you have a carpet repair issue, call our KICK Restoration & Disaster Cleanup repair company in marietta, ga. We solve numerous carpet crises and handle your carpet cleaning needs too. Talk to one of our experts. We will have your carpet back on track saving you from having to dig into your pocketbook. You will not have to replace your carpet when you use our services…but it will look like you did. Call us today!
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